Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday v.5

Last night, I got to see Balance & Composure play (for free! I managed to get a super last minute ticket thanks to my cousin's angelic girlfriend). It's really so awesome how music can provide a soundtrack to your life, and how certain albums can take you back on a timeline to when you were playing them in heavy rotation. Balance & Composure's album Separation was released this past summer, and hearing them play songs off of it live gave me feelings of summer and my sister, because we would always listen to it together on summer drives. Lucky for me, my sister was home for the show and I got to reminisce right next to her! I wanted to run out and get smoothies and hang out on my front lawn again, but it was a winter night and I had to shake the summer from my head. I want to share two songs, one called Burden from a split B&C did with Tigers Jaw, and one called More To Me (for the line "I thought the trees were begging me to climb. There's more to me that I have yet to find". Who can't relate to that?) off of Separation. Though I wouldn't go ahead and call that song my favorite off the album. It's really hard to pick a favorite. When I listen to this album it's usually straight through and at least twice in a row. It's really that good. Also, I adore the album artwork for both of these. Hope you enjoy.

What have you been listening to lately? I'm always discovering new music and love to hear about music that other people are really into. It's such a passion of mine, though I have no actual musical talent. I'm gonna work on that, though! :)

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