Monday, December 3, 2012

Music Monday: Tegan and Sara

I'm back? Yeah, I think I'm back. Baby steps though, because a Music Monday post doesn't usually require much. This one however has required a lot of dancing, singing, hair envy and general falling in love all over again with Tegan and Sara via Youtube. I've always been a fan, but over the past year my love for these two has evolved into something real, something almost palpable. I watch their movie Get Along at least once a week (great apartment cleaning background music, plus it feels like friends are here!) and there is almost always a Tegan and Sara song playing in my head. Enjoy the first single for their upcoming album, Heartthrob. This song is called Closer and I guarantee you, one listen and you will be singing and dancing with the best of them - or at least with me!

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