Tuesday, December 18, 2012

District 12

It has taken me until tonight to edit photos from Thanksgiving weekend. Isn't that nuts? I'm hoping to learn to manage my time better though. These are the last photos that I took with my Canon EOS Rebel XS. I sold it last week because for Christmas, thanks to everyone I know joining together and helping me out, I am getting a T3i. I can't wait! 

The day after Thanksgiving, my parents (who are also Hunger Games fans) took my sister and I out to Hildebran, NC - where the District 12 scenes were filmed for the first movie. So fun, and I love all of these photos. That never happens. Most of the editing I did with Photoshop actions I downloaded from Simon Filip's blog. I loved this time with my family and looking back at it now is making me smile.

Meet my beautiful mother, my biggest fan!

My gorgeous sister too.

xo, Corinne

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