Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eleven Random Things.

Michele at short girl, long island tagged me in her 11 things post. Of course I'll participate, because I've always loved surveys! Also, my month of free ad space is just about over at Delightfully Tacky, but maybe sharing some things about myself will persuade my new readers to stick around. <3 ;)

I like how Michele referred to this as a "community building exercise", hehe. Totally is!

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.


11 random things:

01. I live in my boyfriend's mom's house, in my own bedroom. People always find this odd, for some reason. Andrew's mom is like my second mom, though. It's an extremely comfortable situation, and my bedroom is actually bigger than Andrew's, which is convenient for both of us since I have so. much. stuff. We're going to stay here until we have a security fund built up for our upcoming move to Nashville, Tennessee. Since I'm still on Long Island, I sometimes do miss having my own apartment. The house I lived in before this one was perfect for me, but my roommates graduated and both moved out of state for grad school, and I knew I got really lucky with them. Living with total strangers can be a hit or a miss, and I wasn't emotionally prepared for a miss. So I moved here!

02. My desert island album would probably be Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

03. I love driving, but only when I'm alone. I've gone on two hour long drives, for no reason, just to clear my head and take the scenic route. I used to drive past my first home a lot, where I was raised. We shared it with my grandparents (as we did with our second home) and most of my favorite memories of my family took place there. We had a beautiful Japanese cherry blossom tree in the front yard and a bunch of birds nests scattered about, among bird houses and bird feeders. I had a little pink and purple bedroom. I loved that house. I always will.

04. Whenever I'm shopping for clothes, I imagine myself wearing specific items either to Port Jefferson (a beachy, touristy town on Long Island) or to a show. If they meet the criteria for things I like to wear to either of those places, I buy it. It's just a weird thing I do.

05. Autumn kind of defines me. The changing and the colors and the feel. I have a large tattoo taking up my right side of falling autumn leaves to keep them with me throughout the year.

06. I went through a few of the worst years of my life recently. Maybe I'll talk about that in a separate post sometime. It was so rough, and I thought I would never come out of it. One day I woke up and didn't feel bad anymore, though. I remember the specific day and what I did, and what I wrote. And since then I've been doing everything in my power to better myself and my situation. I smile now when I think of my accomplishments and the things I'm proud of. I know real confidence and happiness now. I'm so glad I got myself out of that hole. :)

07. I cannot wait to go back to college. I want to become a graphic designer. I know I have what it takes, and I teach myself a lot at home. I just need the degree to have the career. It will happen, it'll happen once we make our move and I can finally settle down.

08. Photography is a huge passion of mine, though I've never taken a course. I learned a lot through Rob at Blue Toad Photo, and through Strobist and Joe McNally tutorials. Experimental photography appeals to me way more, but I'm glad that I'm getting some kind of professional training as well. A goal of mine is to have a mini photo gallery, even just for a night to walk around and drink wine with some friends. That's something else that'll happen.. :) Goals are good to have.

09. I love anything spooky! Anything halloween, horror, occult, even gothic. That's the antithesis of what I am, but I'm drawn to it.

10. I used to never polish my nails, but lately I feel so naked without a fresh manicure. (Can you tell I'm getting lazy with these random things?)

11. Sushi is my favorite food!

11 Questions from Michele:

01. What was the first album you owned? Don't forget to include the format (vinyl, cassette, CD, etc.)! Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation on cassette! I used to dance around with my Walkman playing it over and over as a kid.
02. As a child, what was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon? Beetlejuice! I even bought the VHS tapes a few years ago from eBay. Loved him. The ghost with the most.
03. Do you collect anything? Yeah, I have a few little collections going. Ticket stubs, fortune cookie fortunes, interesting looking rocks and shells found on adventures, and I've started some mini collections of Norman Rockwell prints (though I'm open to originals should I ever find one!), and owl statues.
04. Which person has been most influential in your life? My parents, obviously. But my good friend Amy has maybe influenced me the most in my personal growth and being. She's like a big sister.
05. What is your greatest fear? Okay, this one's weird. It's frogs. Seriously. And no I don't want to talk about it.
06. If you could vacation anywhere in the universe, where would you go? Everywhere. Montreal, New Zealand, Moscow, Yellowstone National Park, Dublin, Barcelona, Dubai, Machu Picchu.. Detroit! Haha, anywhere and everywhere.
07. What is the first part of your body that you wash in the shower? My face.
08. If you could spend the day with any one person, alive or dead, who would it be? Can I say Sylvia Plath without sounding too "Sylvia Plath girl"? Because I would really love to have a few conversations with her.
09. Are you a Mac or PC person? Both. iPhone, iPod, HP laptop. Though it would be a Mac, if I had the money to spend. I really don't have a preference though, I'm just enamored by technology.
10. Do you have any tattoos? Yes, I have seven.
11. What was your childhood nickname? Cori, which I wish I could bring back, though I would spell it differently. I like Corey. It's really hard to aquire a nickname in your twenties, I feel like.

11 Questions For You:
01. What's your desert island album?
02. If you could bring life to any fictional character and spend a day with them, who would you choose?
03. Describe your perfect day off:
04. What is your favorite thing that you've made with your own two hands?
05. Tell me your standard coffee or tea order:
06. Tell me about the toppings on the pizza of your dreams:
07. Which nationalities are you comprised of?
08. What kind of sheets do you have on your bed right now?
09. Favorite band?
10. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
11. What is your favorite season and your favorite thing about that season?

I'm tagging Tieka, Ainsley, Chloe, Stephanie, Amber, Stephanie, Joanna, Heather Belle, Sierra, Allison, and Katrina! Lemme know if you decide to partake <3.


  1. ooh i will do this in the next couple of days for sure!

  2. So much yes! I was so excited to wake up and post mine!

  3. I totally feel the same way about autumn! I think it's partly because I was born on the first day of fall, but it's just such a wonderful time of year that I think I'd feel this way anyways.

  4. I normally don't do posts like this, but I'm honored that you tagged me! You should do a tattoo post :)

    1. I should! I've posted a few pictures of my leaves before, but on Thursday I'm getting my thigh worked on and I'm going to definitely want to share. Thanks for the idea <3


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