Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thrift Haul


Since Island Thrift has opened, my shoe game has increased dramatically. I've wanted some kind of t-strap shoe for a while now. $7, brand new. Bam.

Can you become addicted to thrifting?


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous. I'm jealous that your Target sells food! Ours has.. milk? I think that's it.

    And yes, you can become addicted to thrifting!!

    1. Oh man! Our Target has such good stuff. Naked smoothies and fresh fruit and vegan waffles galore. It's a one stop shop. Maybe they'll add a grocery section to yours soon.

      I'm so addicted. I had to force myself to drive straight home from the train station today instead of stopping at the two thrift stores on the way.


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