Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Recap of a road trip

About a month ago, I decided to finally bite the bullet and drive a pretty lengthy distance by myself to see my sister for her birthday. She goes to school in Albany, and I've barely driven into Brooklyn alone, so the 3.5 hour trip seemed pretty intimidating. But with the help of a global positioning system, Cat Power, and Starbucks I arrived to my destination safely, in one piece, with a great sense of accomplishment! I even drove over my first bridge!
Action shot.

It was really great to spend time with my sister during her school year when I wouldn't normally get a chance to see her. I love her more than anything. When we had some downtime, I took a solo walk around Albany which was really nice. Her house and her housemates were all so cute and they threw a really fun cowboys and indians themed birthday party. Bombers Burrito Bar lived up to the hype and we split a gigantic margarita that cost nothing! I've been so ridiculously lazy about uploading and editing my photos, but here are a few from my phone from that weekend.

Victoria Michelle :) my angel wings

Here I ordered baja fish tacos.. delicious. I've been craving more ever since.
Nobody is more beautiful to me.

This.. is definitely college.
One of these days, all of my recent photography will make it's way onto my photo blog. But until then, I hope these squares suffice. xo!

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