Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Festivities!

I have been seriously slacking.
The end of summer was pretty uneventful, however. I was right smack in the middle of a big transition, or a few transitions rather. But here I am, new job, positive outlook, and ready for fall. A friend of mine recently compared me to the ever changing season, and though some might think that sounds unstable, it's not. It's great. Every year around this time I can really mark my growth and I see more improvements through slightly more constructive behavior. Things are good. I am happy, really and truly. Das it.

Last weekend, Andrew and I along with a few friends went to the Long Island Fall Festival. I've gone every year for the last five. It's definitely an indication of summer's end, and it's a lot of fun. Festival food, rides, and craft vendors (that SADLY, I did not get to browse this year, since we went on Friday night before they arrived. But it's cool.)

Lauren, whose wedding is so soon and I'm so excited about it!
Mozzarepa? So much yes.
(I don't even care that the Gothamist article decided to add "copious amounts of fat" to the ingredients. Shit's delicious.)
Fall favorite!

Some friends we made while walking around the park.
So, autumn is officially here.
What are some of your fall traditions?
More of mine to come. (Note: Very craft heavy!)

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