Tuesday, August 9, 2011


i would settle for "pretty much okay" this week. hello depression, i feel you trying to sneak up on me again but i'm telling on you this time and won't let you get the best of me (i've come too far for that!). the past few days have been pretty crummy. but i really think it might just be a combination of the hot, sticky, "feels like soup outside" weather combined with me not getting a job i interviewed for combined with the summer social drinking i've been doing and lack of additional exercise (aside from my very demanding, highly physical job). so today after work i took myself to the doctor and got myself a note and tomorrow i'll be taking a serious mental health day. and then i have two scheduled days off. giving me three days FREE for myself and my hobbies and my well being. i'm going to read and start crocheting christmas presents (in august. my hands aren't fast enough yet) and i'm going out to buy a new journal and fresh produce first thing tomorrow morning. if i'm not out of this funk by saturday, lock me in a padded room full of puppies where all i can listen to is talking heads singles. i'm going to make a strong effort to make every day ridiculously amazing so these little blips on my personal progress radar can become fewer and farther in between. look at that, world. i'm opening up to you.

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