Thursday, July 14, 2011

matryoshka love / ocean water

these are my new measuring cups. leanne and i are planning our "bro tat" with a matryoshka theme, so then i saw these tonight at target and could not resist.
sonic came to long island recently, so i decided to treat myself after driving out to deer park for a doctor's appointment (went straight from work, which is why i'm in my scrubs, and waited an hour and a half to actually be seen by the doctor who happens to be a family friend. much deserved treat.) i'll probably never go back for the food, but my large ocean water (sprite and blue coconut) made the trip worthwhile.

right now i'm finishing up my order because i need michael showalter's new book. if you have netflix, you should check out the baxter, which is an adorable romantic comedy starring (also written and directed by) michael showalter and my favorite, michelle williams.
hello, next hairstyle. hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend!

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