Monday, March 3, 2014

Southern Snow Day

Nashville, I'm still getting to know you and that's not easy when you're so random and unpredictable. Just last Saturday night I was out in a friends backyard wearing a cotton dress and eating a burger. I stocked up on Claritin because my spring allergies had already started affecting me, which was annoying but also somehow promising. And then today I wake up to my car covered in a sheet of ice and it's snowing?! What gives? I can't be too upset though. My dreams of shorts and chambray and pretty green hikes in the near future are now crushed, but this erratic forecast did provide me with a four day weekend and some nice scenery. I went out on a pretty gray hike and took photos, which was something I'd been itching to do for weeks but lacked subjects and inspiration. So, thanks Nashville, for the break from binge watching Broad City and drinking too much coffee. You're kinda weird, but I still like you.


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