Saturday, January 5, 2013




So yesterday was a bummer, huh? I've been going through something. But I'm back today to shine a positive light on this blog, and my mind, and my life. It's only 5 days into the New Year - it's not too late. It's never too late to grow and improve. So here are some of my plans for myself, one of my favorite works in progress. HAPPY THOUGHTS, EVERYBODY.

1. Be more serious and have more fun. This might sound like a contradiction, but I mean it in that "work hard, play hard" kind of way. I let myself off the hook entirely too often and let a lot of my goals fall to the wayside. I will be more serious in these aspects: Physical and mental health, money management, deadlines. Things that I should just be doing as an adult. I will have more fun by making a lot more plans, making time for the friends that I've made here, meeting new people, and exploring new places.

2. Grow as a photographer. My 365 project is going strong as I'm still growing familiar with my new camera. I really need to start shooting and editing in raw image format. I literally just changed over to that setting on my camera.

3. Cook more. Especially clean meals. Too often I skip meals, don't eat enough, or eat quick and nutritionally devoid foods. I am really planning on putting a lot more thought to what goes into my body. Plus, I haven't tried a new recipe in entirely too long. That's gonna change! My new job is going to free up my nights, and I will be spending them in the kitchen.

4. Read more. It's a bummer that I feel like I'm always too busy to read. I own at least ten books that I've yet to open. My goal for 2013 is to read at least 7 books.

5. STRESS LESS. It's not worth it! It's really not! By applying resolution number 1 to my daily life, and taking time to just breathe, assess the situation, and realize it's not that bad, I can conquer this negative voice that still seems to creep up in my mind and completely blow my entire day. 

6. Adopt a dog. :) Maybe. When we feel we're ready.

7. Plan a trip. I don't know to where yet. Anywhere. I just want to go.

8. Drink more water. 

9. Save money.

AND BE HAPPY! Because life is way too short.

What are your personal goals?



  1. one: i love cat power. "the greatest" is my inspiration song.

    two: try for all sorts of fun list making. i am going to attempt (for the zillionth time) the 101 things in 1001 days (starting on my birthday!) and the 52 things in 52 weeks! i think it may motivate you as it does me.

    three: best of luck with raw! message me with any questions. what version photoshop do you use? i haven't shot jpeg since 2008 and i do ZERO editing in photoshop outside of my raw tweaking and it is the best decision i've ever made.

    four: treat yourself to a "field guide" to help you learn your camera better. it's like the cliff notes to the user manual.

    five: plan that trip to NY, baby girl.

    six: buy a nalgene! awesome investment. BPA free reusable water bottle. i went for the 32 ounce so two fills and your daily recommended amount of water is consumed!

    seven: talk to me more! i'd like to think i'm good at fixing bum moods ;)

    1. mae! <3

      i think you introduced me to day zero project a while ago. i think i'll be making a list on my birthday, also! we can do these milestone projects together - since we're both march babies.

      about raw: i use photoshop 7.0, which i downloaded from some website in high school. so right now i'm trying to open and edit shots i took in raw this morning, and they're not opening, and i'm bummed. i have jpeg files too, so it's not a total loss, but i feel like my photos are way too grainy looking and it's because i'm overlooking something else. halp.

      i will definitely look into that field guide you speak of! NY trips are a given, i want to make at least 2 this year, and do we still have each others numbers? mine's (631) 946-1389. i would love to talk to you more!

  2. Ok so if you are adopting a dog I highly recommend getting a Bassit Hound Mix for apartment living. Annie is 40 pounds, and has the best attitude ever. She is hysterical and loving. We found her on Petfinder (KEG Animal Rescue was fostering her in Tenessee - she is originally from Florida - the Jetsetter she is). We had to go through a process and our references were called (seriously) and Annie ran off of the Alpha Dog Run into our arms and has had our hearts ever since. We did research and most Bassit mixes have the same loving loyal attitude. She is a Bassit Hound Boston Terrier mix, but apparently just being a Bassit mutt gives you that edge. Haha, I just love my dog so damn much.

    My personal goals?

    Keep the apartment clean & organized. Motivate this through having company at least once a month.

    Get into a fitness routien. Yes, losing weight is a goal but getting healthy is really the motivation. Implimenting exercise into my life at least 3 times a week will help me feel better. I signed up for Kickboxing and Yoga and have my Zumba DVDs - time to move.

    Learn illustrator/photoshop and rework my blog into something more organized and fun. Also become the 'graphic designer' for my company.

    Freelance as a writer/album designer for wedding photographers to keep the creativity going.

    Also, like you, read more. At lest 5 books over here.

    Manage money better - set goals and put into savings at least once a month.

    Go on dates once a week. We set up 2 jars which we added dates & recipes to. Each week we pick and random date and a random recipe and follow through. 2013 marks 10 years of Steev & I being an official couple, the date jar is a must!



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