Thursday, December 27, 2012


Many people, I believe, share the same refreshed feeling that a new year brings. New year, new resolutions, new ideas, and the hope for more good to come. One of my resolutions is to use the pretty 2013 planner that Andrew's mom gave me for Christmas and stay on top of deadlines, bills, fitness regimens, and yeah - more PLANS. Another is to start (and complete!) a 365 photo project. I picked up my brand new camera yesterday, a Canon Rebel T4i, and I am completely in love. I want to continue my photography journey this year, with more motivation now than ever. There is so much to learn with lighting, using my flash, portraits, histograms, depth of field, angles.. you know, everything. And I'm going to make it a point to learn and improve.

Inspired by Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess (no surprise there), I am also going to embark on this 365 project with the theme of Home. Andrew and I have lived in Nashville for almost eight months and without the possibility of painting, or really renovating our rented apartment at all, I think we've done a great job of making this a warm, cozy and personalized space. So, every day of 2013 I will be working on a great photo of some detail of this space - and even the next one, depending on where we decide to go in May. I'm really excited about it! Being such an aesthetically driven person, this should be a really effective way of showing my personality and tastes in my photos. I'm starting to plan it out now (in that planner!) and I can't wait to share. On the subject of resolutions and plans, this year I am going to read more, commit myself to health and fitness, put more thought into outfits (I've gotten really lazy in the mornings, though in my defense - it feels so silly to put on tights and a skirt in the morning knowing you're going to be hiking through the woods or swinging around a kettlebell in the afternoon), and start a real savings account. What are your New Years Resolutions? Have you tried and/or completed a 365 photo project before? If so - share it here! I want to see!

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  1. You can see my 365 on Facebook - next year we are going to start theming them too - Steev loves it. My resolutions and goals will be tacked onto my top 100 post that will go up on Monday :)


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