Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Week

Andrew got a tour of our apartment building and so graciously is handing over the sun room to me. It will be my office and my craft room and I will set up my record player in there and thrift a big cozy chair and live happily ever after. I am so excited to move in, you have no idea.

Zoe and I had a nice rainy Sunday, part of which I spent listening to records.

Ainsley led me on to, and now I know precisely how much my road trip to Nashville will cost! One less thing to worry about (the whole driving 17 hours alone thing is now my one and only worry)

Monday was Administrative Professional's day and my boss treated us to lunch and COLDSTONE! Got a really large size and birthday cake remixed it all week.

Ali and I ate cheeseburgers by the bay on Tuesday.

Can I talk about Nashville any more?! I made a countdown on my phone using big day lite. Fourteen days!

Today I was treated to brunch and my first bloody mary at Fifth Season thanks to my mom and my aunt Kandy. Then we went to this rad store downport where my aunt had me choose some healing stones. I picked out blue lace agate (A gentle, calming stone that engenders tranquility. Blue lace agate brings with this calm and tranquility a lessening of anger, even deep anger issues, and a calming of nervousness) and rhodochrosite (A stone that integrates physical and spiritual energies, stimulating love and passion while energising the soul. Rhodochrosite opens the heart, lifting depression and encouraging a positive and cheerful outlook.  It improves self-worth and soothes emotional stress. Rhodochrosite encourages a positive attitude, creativity and innovation, and enhances dream states.)

I can't believe I only have two weeks left on Long Island! It's a strange, but really really refreshing feeling. Andrew and I talk about our new apartment every day. I already bought sheets for our brand new king sized bed (!!!!!) and he's been so good with picking up housewares that we're going to need. Aside from our physical living situation, I just cannot wait to be in a brand new city, in a brand new state, and moving forward completely with our lives. Ahhh! I'm so excited.

xo, Corinne


  1. how was the bloody mary? I need to try one of those!


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