Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clear eyes, full hearts.


Let's hope that's true, because lately I feel all I do is work. But it'll pay off soon, when I'm in Nashville, starting the next chapter of my life. It bums me out when I can't spend all of my time creating and day dreaming and then creating again.
But soon enough, I can do what I really love.

Some things I am really loving at the moment:

♥ Friday Night Lights on Netflix.
I've been waiting for the next show to really grab me and this one has, for some reason.

♥ Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume.
I can't stop spraying it, it smells so pretty.

♥ My birthday gift from Amy.

♥ Chobani Greek yogurt, especially peach.

Sunny days with the people I love the most.

Popcorn & M&M's, always.

♥ Leaving work before it gets dark, which is still a rarity..
but at least it's a possibility now.

♥ This upcoming weekend that I'll get to spend with my sister and my parents!
They're all home, we're all Irish, it's almost St. Patrick's day. Fun will ensue.

There's a story behind this belly laugh, but I'm going to save that one.
Let's just say I'm the butt of the joke.

xo, cg

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