Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend Update #1: Saturday

Hump day is upon us, but I am still celebrating last weekend. Sometimes it feels good to be stuck in the past. My favorite girl Amy and I went pumpkin picking at my favorite patch on Saturday. It was really good not only to see her, but to partake in one of my favorite activities of the season with her. After our pumpkins were picked, Amy led me to this giant garage sale extravaganza happening not too far away where I was able to get my hands on some great vintage 7" records and LP's. A whole crate for $7.00! Going through them at home was exciting, there's some great stuff in there (think The Beach Boys, Paul Simon, The Beatles, THE MONSTER MASH. YES.) My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun sorting through these treasures, and then we went out to dinner with his sister Michelle who was in town at one of my favorite restaurants, Painters'. This place is seriously cool. It's covered in unique artwork, a lot done by local artists, and it's all for sale. Too rich for my blood, but the food is also incredible (pulled pork nachos? c'mon). I got a veggie vegan burger and fries, and we split said nachos. The menu is seasonal as well as the beer selection. I got a yummy pumpkin ale. Love that brown sugar & cinnamon rim. My favorite thing about Painters'?
The tablecloth is fresh butchers paper and every table has a cup of crayons so you can COLOR!
Needless to say, Saturday ruled!

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