Friday, August 19, 2011


it's friday night, and my plans include straightening up, transferring my every day luggage into my new backpack, and catching up on blog posts. tonight i'll be starting the girl with the dragon tattoo by stieg larsson. i've been on the fence about it, but this trailer sold me. pretty sure i'm in for 644 pages of awesome. but for right now, i want to share with you some interesting little things i've been seeing around the interwebs.

if you're like me, and outside sounds like crickets and rain soothe you like nothing else, click here.

this is a hilarious exchange of emails. i feel badly for the woman initiating the conversation, my heart goes out to her and her predicament, but some people are just so witty that it kills me.

street art captivates me. interactive street art with a purpose, even more so.

my boyfriend just clued me into these sweet grips for the handlebars on my bike. cult's ode to vans.

lane nelson has apparently illustrated the story of my life.

enjoy your weekend! :)

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