Saturday, July 9, 2011

good things 7/4 - 7/9

sitting here, making potstickers, wanting to share some stuff that's being going on. (the photos are all from my iphone, because unfortunately my canon, my most prized possesion, has a broken lens and i've been using it less frequently.)

andrew is my wonderful, sweet, supportive boyfriend. the two of us had to work the entire holiday weekend, but because he knows how much i enjoy explosives, we set up shop in a parking lot packed with fellow bystanders and watched the grucci fireworks display from bald hill. a low key yet memorable way to spend the 4th. while walking to the brookhaven amphitheater, we saw my name written in the sidewalk! and i never see my name anywhere. so i was pretty pumped on that. also, the sky was bright pink as the sun set which made sitting on the car for two hours way worth it.

a few days ago, we warmly welcomed our new house guest.

her name is charlotte and she will be with us for ten days while andrew's aunt is away on vacation. she is so sweet, so well behaved, and is filling the void in my heart that was growing deeper since turning down a job at the american guide dog foundation. it's safe to say that i love her.

charlotte anne <3

hung out with leanne (who is my bff) and max (who is her cat). we made pina coladas (also made jokes about how funny it is to drink pina coladas) and listened to a mixture of the decemberists and rolling thunder. it was a nice way to relax on my day off from work.

my sister and i spent some time with our nana and grandma, since my sister is home from college for the summer and because those ladies are the best.

what a woman who will almost force feed you treats has on her fridge.

my sister and i at montauk point (my most favorite thing about this island i reside on) in '93, maybe? found at my grandma's.

just finished this hilariously empowering book.

stumbled upon this and enjoyed it. felt a lot of this throughout the past few days. i'm happy to be surrounded by the people i cherish most.

and finally, here are my potstickers.

i prefer the trader joe's brand to any other brand

12" pan
place a single layer of potstickers in 2 tbsp. cooking oil (i always use olive oil)
cook for one minute on medium-high heat
add 1 cup warm water, cover, cook for 8-10 minutes (or until water evaporates)
uncover, cook for 1 minute until golden brown. and voilĂ ! easy peasy. wish i had soyaki.
have a nice weekend! xo

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